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OLPC Afghanistan
به هر کودک یک لپ تاپ افغانستان
  به هر کودک یک لپ تاپ افغانستان
وبلاگ رسمی دری سازمان غیر منفعتی <<به هر کودک یک لپتاپ افغانستان>> One Laptop Per Child Afghanistan
چهارشنبه 1 اسفند‌ماه سال 1386
این هم اخبار کارکرد رضاکاران افغانی

Usman Mansoor “Ansari” and Sohaib Obaidi “Ebtihaj”, our volunteers from Afghanistan, report that Update 1, XO Bundled, XO Core are complete. 3000 strings (12%) in Etoys are also complete.

As a demonstration, electronic versions of Afghan textbooks (two Dari and two Pashto) were downloaded from the ministry of education website and successfully tested on the XO laptop. Also, an electronic picture book of traffic signs in English and Dari was prepared. The team also developed a Dari weblog of the OLPC project, which is updated daily from the website (Please see

An XO laptop user manual in the Dari language has been completed and the Pashto version is 90% done. Alas, the volunteer working on this project went to visit his family in Afghanistan and is currently stranded in a remote region due to heavy snow. We are awaiting his safe return.

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